Together we are the magic with stories to spark & guidance to grow.

We capture the moment, the emotion, every spark of magic.
We're here to kindle your awareness of personal power.

What we do



Our stories & guides are intended to spark things within you. You'll find triggers for imagination, questioning, change, recognition & so much more between the covers. The characters are normal, maddening, powerful, vulnerable, awesome, & you get to journey with them. Find out more …



We lead you through meditation journeys & welcome your questions as you relax, grow, & sink into your strength. All the while offering examples of vulnerability & internal process. Our composer tunes her sounds to your energy centres — it will carry you away. Find out more …



This is where we practise diving deep, just to find out how deep it is, and what is waiting to be discovered there. The first in our Embodying Magic series of experiential guidance is planned for release in 2018. This series of courses offers sacred space, reminds you how to be soft, and will have you falling in love with yourself. Find out more …

About our universe

Our work is a fluid spiral of imagery, suggestion, & sound. We encourage you to shed layers, open to possibility, & understand that you are enough right now.

Company bio

Goddess Kindled Universe (GKU) has been evolving since an eighteen-year-old Sondra launched her first entrepreneurial endeavour, in 1991. That first business was called New Page Turning — an extension of her day job, desktop publishing textbooks for the Education Department. GKU has gone through several transformations since then, from publishing through private therapy practice, back to publishing. Like the rings of a tree trunk the company has expanded incrementally with strength and knowledge: publishing, organisation, healing, relaxation, vulnerability, project management, teaching, interpersonal communication, imagination.

Welcome to our universe! Dare we say it? Your universe.

Who we are

We're the team behind the words & sounds. We weave the threads. Our partnership has your senses as its focus. We walk our talk.

Sondra Turnbull

Sondra brings a wealth of knowledge from previous lives as a project manager for deliverable-oriented engineers, and relaxation therapist (meditation, massage, reiki). Her ability to multi-task is pure fiction — however, she is exceptionally good at creating and holding safe space, making lists and tracking progress. Her voice is also wonderfully soothing, as is the result of her ability to weave words.

Hanneke Coolen

Our Technical Engineer has hidden depths. Not only does she problem-solve all IT issues with tenacity, she does it with a patience not of this world (probably fuelled by her ability to swear in multiple languages). Her talent for musical composition and bone-deep sense of rhythm are not things you will ever hear her speak about, but they're awesome. In the right light, she can see the matrix.