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Shadow Work

Psychospiritual Self-help

Sondra's books, meditations, and counsel captures the moment, every spark of magic. She encourages you to shed layers, open to possibility, and understand that you are enough right now.

What people are saying

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You genuinely have a gift for making the darkest of things sound poetic and magical and less scary.

— Monique, Psychologist

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Little epiphanies of self discovery!

I truly enjoyed the author's approach to guiding the reader through practical and magical ways of getting in touch with buried truths. Very personable narrative, it felt like I have a friend sitting next to me and nudging me to the next level! Loved it!

— Elizabeth, Reader

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I highly recommend Sondra for her ability to go deep, get to the root of what's really going on, and hold space for you when you feel like your world is spinning out of control.

— Alysia, Author