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I See You Anger - Guided Journalling

Are you ready to know yourself better?

Use this guided process for contemplation and journalling. Each time you join with your shadows for this session, notice the invitation you are offered rather than deciding where you will go before you even begin.

Sit with each prompt and let it take you to where you are ready to go. Write down the thoughts that arise. Note the sensations, and write about that experience, too. Let it be a contemplation and allow the movements of my pen to coax you deeper as you release into the core of your softest self.

This session is only ten minutes long but it's beautiful, and as intense as you are ready to make it.

If you aren't ready to go into these tender places alone, know that I'm here to hold that space for you so you can explore. Book a Wise Woman Talk here and together, we can create the experience you need.