Meditation has always been the core of Sondra’s business. Her initial introduction to guided journeying blew her fifteen-year-old mind. It was the first healing modality she learned to use for self-inquiry. Ten years later, she began guiding people in the same kinds of journeys. Meditation circle was the first offering of her healing space, an appointment-only energy medicine clinic, which expanded to include Reiki therapy and teaching, counselling, and massage.


You can access GKU meditation for free when you join the Tribe. Tribe is what we call our subscribers. To us, it means family. Every season you will receive a new guided meditation imbued with the magic and symbolism of the moment. Once a month, an update about what’s going on in the Goddess Kindled Universe is released, the link to each new meditation will be delivered directly to your email inbox.
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Guided Meditation Winter 2016

Guided Meditation Spring 2017

Guided Meditation Summer 2017

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Guided Meditation Autumn 2017


We have plans to produce a number of series of guided meditation, each with a specific focus and journey. These series will include video guidance to be experienced at your convenience, as well as the opportunity to share one-on-one live video sessions with Sondra. The first journey will be available for purchase in 2018.

GKU’s seasonal journeys will remain free to our Tribe. It’s our gift to you for sharing your own journey with us.