Meditation has always been the core of Sondra’s business. It was the first healing modality she learned to use for self-inquiry. Her introduction to guided journeying blew her fifteen-year-old mind. Now it’s thirty years later, and she remains delighted, creating that same initiation for people who’ve never experienced meditation before. Even seasoned meditators love journeying with her.

You can access GKU meditation for free when you join the Tribe. Tribe is what we call our subscribers. To us, it means family. Every season you will receive a new guided meditation imbued with the magic and symbolism of the moment. A download link for each new meditation will be delivered directly to your email inbox.

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We have plans to produce a number of series of guided meditation, each with a specific focus and journey. The first journey will be available for purchase in 2018.

GKU’s seasonal journeys will remain free to our Tribe. It’s our gift to you for sharing your own journey with us.

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Reviews from our Insight Timer community

Where meditators around the globe have journeyed with us over 2,100 times and have been generous enough to leave over 50 reviews and hundreds of 4 and 5-star ratings.

“Oh what a wonderful beautiful journey this was, just at the right time, thank you. I loved the guided imagery to relax, I loved the essence of the journey, the quiet time, the nature sounds that brought me back, I loved everything about it, well done …” –Houston, TX, USA

“This was so beautiful and lovely! I sometimes have trouble fully relaxing, but this one really got me into it. I’ll definitely return to this in times where transition or change in mindset is needed for me …”

“An incredible journey.” -Lansing, MI, USA

“What an amazing experience. The guiding voice is very subtle and calming. The heartbeat at the beginning brings the perfect centering and the way the waterfall slowly brings you out of the meditation state is amazing. Thank you for this amazing gift.” -Taiwan