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Real Magic and Spiritual Self-care


Embodying Earth contains more than 150 guided exercises designed to lead and soften you into the answers, plus access to audio recordings of Sondra's guided meditations.

This experiential guide is an invitation into yourself. It's time to heed the calls of your shadows, because there is no need to turn away from the dark. So, crack open to possibility and get grounded. Unfurl roots into the nourishing spaces between your normal everyday rituals. Learn how to create sacred space for yourself, simply.

Sondra Ann Turnbull is a holistic therapist who specialises in letting go. Through Embodying Earth she will guide you to meet yourself and consider the power of ritual and real magic.

Journalling, meditation, visualisation, breathwork, and play are just some of the ways you'll connect with the juicy mess that you are. Learn how to sing, whisper, and croon deep relaxation into your spirit as you realise how wonderful that mess is. There is so much joy and power inside you.

Let's get down and dirty and discover what lies beneath the everyday business of living your life. All it takes is the sacred space of a shifted perspective. You've so got this, lovely one. That wild growl has been building in your belly long enough, don't you think?

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