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I See You Anger - Guided Journalling
Are you ready to know yourself better?Use this guided process for contemplation and journalling. Each time you join with your shadows for this session, notice the invitation you are offered rather than deciding where you will go before you even begin...
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The End of Miracles?
... just means we have to go deeper.Foundation for Inner Peace have refused my continued use of A Course In Miracles material. They will not consider any alteration to the gendered language."He" has directed them to resist any softening or ...
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A Goddess Course In Miracles AGCIM by Sondra Turnbull at Goddess Kindled Universe
Psychospiritual What Now?
Is that even a real thing? Sounds weird and might be too out there for me. Plus, my friends and family would judge the hell out of me if they knew I was even glancing in a hippy-dippy, new age direction.True. For me, for a very long time. Too long. I...
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