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The End of Miracles?

... just means we have to go deeper.

Foundation for Inner Peace have refused my continued use of A Course In Miracles material. They will not consider any alteration to the gendered language.

"He" has directed them to resist any softening or change. And apparently, I was only given advice, not permission in the first place. Okay.

Patriarchy wins?

Five years of dedicated study, development, and deep work has been for the few of you who happened to find me. Mostly, it's been for me; it's been the portal for my own spiritual transformation.

That's okay. I'm going to take all this experience and use it to write fiction novels. Everything is possible in the realm of fiction. Teaching with story is something I love and do well (and will now have the time and mental space to fully engage with).

There is non-fiction exploration to do, inconvenient weeds of shadow work publications that no doubt will blossom out of this muck, too. That feels exciting.

I might be able to make the course available in the US, but there will no longer be a free version, unfortunately. If that happens, I'll let you know.

In any case, I'll be spending this coming week removing A Goddess Course In Miracles from — well, from everywhere.

Thank you for being part of this adventure with me.

I'm really bloody sad about all this. I'll be processing for a while. That's how the patriarchy crumbles, you know. Every time that system tightens its grip to cling to disintegrating institutions, it focuses our determination to be free.

Edit April 06, 2024

If you'd like to stay with me on the spiritual and self-care journey, include yourself on my mailing list.

I occasionally still mourn the passing of this epic dive into the Divine Feminine, but since accepting it's time has ended, have only taken my realisation of Goddess deeper. So mostly, I'm grateful for the concentrated period of study that resulted in AGCIM.

Edit April 24, 2024

Hope lives! I'm re-editing the course to align with the version available under United States public domain licensing. This simultaneously is more and less than my original plans for this project.
The more: As well as the online course centred around the workbook for students, I will be publishing the entire two volumes of text and the manual also. All edited to speak to you with feminine terminology, vocabulary, and references throughout.
The less: This content will only be available for purchase in the United States. But we live in a world where virtually changing your location to ease access to geolocked content is done all the time. So, more hoops to jump through, but not an impossible situation.